I was absolutely glad to have on board Italian Eye as wedding planner. They actually saved my day! The most important part was to deal with the design and style of our garden. We had the reception in our back garden .
At the beginning I was not 100% sure what I wanted, but after few calls with Olivia and Angela we managed to give a sense to my thoughts!
Our budget was little , time schedule I gave them was ridiculous tight but they managed to source the best furniture , decorations were fabulous all the set was what I really wanted!
Their understanding and calm to deal with everything (mussels included!?) was outstanding!
I couldn’t recommend them enough!
Well done Italian Eye.


Hiring Italian Eye was the best decision I made in planning my wedding. Olivia immediately understood my vision and made the planning process fun and easy. She helped me manage my budget, calmed me in my moments of panic, accompanied me to numerous vendor meetings and made my wedding day stress-free.
They introduced us to our perfect venue and a florist that fulfilled every dream I have ever had of my ideal wedding, as well as many other incredible, friendly, and creative vendors that each fit perfectly with our tastes. Her ideas and attention to detail went above and beyond and made my wedding day completely magical.


Preparing for a wedding is a challenging endeavour and finding the right people to work with you is a difficult first step.  We wanted people who would share their expertise whilst allowing us to express our own ideas and identity; find this combination is not an easy task.  Working with Olivia and Angela at Italian Eye was on a very positive experience.  Primarily we dealt with Olivia; she was committed, determined and worked tirelessly to help us achieve the experience we had planned.  Hosting a wedding party in a foreign country (we’re based in London and our wedding was in Tuscany) brings a whole extra set of potential problems beyond just the obvious ones like language, cultural norms and time-zones.  Having Olivia in-situ mitigated much of this and enabled us to freely focus on the elements of the preparation where we could take the lead – namely how we wanted our wedding to look and feel and what atmosphere we wanted to create.  Olivia was behind the scenes ensuring that this vision was realised in creative and practical terms.  We worked together for six-months, going back and forth.  Olivia was both helpful in finding us local suppliers whilst being equally willing to work with people we brought.  She understood what was important to us, and did her very best to actualise this.  Our wedding went very well and she and Angela did a fantastic job, they went above and beyond to make everything work.  It was a wonderful learning experience for us and we hope for them too.  I don’t think Olivia slept for three days  during our wedding!  She was 100% committed.  We would recommend working with them.


We had a wonderful trip with Angela and Olivia to Tuscany to work on some wedding shoots, they have excellent connections to real Tuscany and its magnificent venues, food and drink.